So Wrestling Turns You On?

Exhausted after training

‘I would really love to wrestle you’ say most gay men I chat to when they find out I wrestle. The truth is that I could be a lot better than I am, and it’s hard work!

I differ from some of my peers in that I don’t shy away from the sex appeal of wrestling. Sport and athleticism has been sexualised throughout history. Footballers in their shorts, swimmers in their budgy smugglers (that’s swimwear for you non-Australians) and the many men who came to watch Anna Kournikova for everything except her tennis.

Wrestlers play tug-of-war – photography by Andrew Morison

If you’ve read my other blogs you’ll understand two things about me. Wrestling is very much a sport I take seriously, and I am also very comfortable with my sexuality. I’m not naive enough to think that men in lycra isn’t arousing to many gay men. Throw in there the fact that we are grabbing each other and I get why it sends some of you into a frenzy.

Sounds hot doesn’t it? But grabbing one another and rolling around is not wrestling. Wrestling is an Olympic sport which requires agility, technique, quick wits and stamina.

A failed sprawl – photography by Michael Oelofse

Look at the image above. Who do you think is in control? The guy underneath has attempted a double leg takedown but has been unsuccessful. What I am attempting is a sprawl, but it’s a terrible one to be honest. A sprawl kicks the legs back so they are out of reach and lays your weight over your opponent to keep control. Look how much space is between him and the floor. I am not being ‘heavy’ enough. My sternum should be over the back of his shoulders and my hips should be well out of reach. Eventually he uses this leverage to bulldoze me out of the ring. I could have had him. Except for the technical errors.

What you just read is how seriously I look at wrestling. I don’t fetishize it, I don’t wear the singlet because it looks sexy, and I’m certainly not thinking about sex when I spar.

I’ve had a busted shoulder, a cauliflowered ear, and traumatized my MCL(medial collateral ligament) in both knees. My peers have had sprained ankles, cracked ribs, sprained wrists and broken legs.

Knee injury prevents me from running

For sportspeople out there this is not uncommon to hear. But to anyone who thought it was sexual, I can assure there was nothing pleasurable about getting any of those injuries nor the recovery time that followed.

“How do you not get hard when you’re wrestling?” I get asked online. The answer is simple. My lungs are about to explode from exhaustion, I’m trying to avoid a head injury and I’m so focused on countering my opponent’s next move so I can win. What he looks like is of no interest to me. His back needs to face the mat for 2 points. That’s my only concern.

Rooted after some mat time at training

But look, I’m no prude. If someone wants me to wear a wrestling singlet in the bedroom that’s our business and noone else’s. I’m of the opinion that a sexuality involving kinks and fetishes is both healthy and natural. I’m a sexually active adult and I’m not going to apologise for that.

To clarify though, I would like to make a distinction between sexy and sexual. If you find wrestling sexy, then I’m as flattered as Craig Wing would have been when he won Cleo’s ‘Bachelor of the Year.’ But if you think it’s sexual, you simply don’t understand what combat sports are about.

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2 points for taking his back but he successfully defends against anything else

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