A Body Positive Experience

Photography by Jean-Luc Syndikas

If you read ‘Home is where the art is’ you’ll know I attended my first life drawing session January of last year.

The space I was in was so safe and comfortable and the models seemed at such ease. Following that class I had an idea for my wrestling club to model as a Fundraiser. I approached the host and it happened a few months later. A sell out crowd!

I haven’t expressed to anyone how special that night was. The two most important things in my world (wrestling and art) coming together for a roaring success. Not only that, I saw what the models saw – a beautiful, safe space where the artists show you their talented drawings and discuss with you which poses they enjoyed drawing the most. It was easily one of the most wonderful nights of my life.

Photography by Jean-Luc Syndikas

Unfortunately there was some backlash from a few conservative people who immediately jumped to slut shaming us four models. It was a vicious tear down of something beautiful which was more in line with personal opinion than anything else.

Once recovered, my good friend and fellow wrestler Dirk Lucas (follow @vh_dcl on instagram) discussed the slut shaming. We thought we would have some fun modelling again to take control of our bodies and empower ourselves in what we knew to be a beautiful community of LGBTQI art. We posed for a very cheeky themed ‘Office Fantasies’ and really enjoyed the process.

Photography by Jean-Luc Syndikas
Art by Lyndon Lovell (@lyndonlovell)

Posing for Office Fantasies was incredible. The energy was wonderfully erotic as it should be and the poses created some amazing art. We got to have a laugh about Post-Its (see Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion) and the experience brought my friend and me closer together.

Photography by Jean-Luc Syndikas

It takes a lot of balls to take off your clothes for 40 people in a room. I’m so proud of my friend and I for having that courage. Now I know the world truly is my oyster.

Since then I have posed individually for artists and they have produced great work. I was planning a new session in May 2020 with the host of Gay Life Drawing Melbourne (follow @gaylifedrawingmelbourne on insta) but unfortunately COVID-19 has suspended that.

Either way, starting to model has been one of the most empowering and body positive things I could have done for myself. It wades me further into my creative zone and feeds my soul to be a bigger part of an amazing, talented community of artists.

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Art by Mark Payne (@mimobase)

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